Questions and answers

To assist with any queries you may have about Education Scotland we have compiled the following common questions and answers.

Where can I find support for teachers and learners?

A wide range of support materials is available on the National Improvement Hub.

Where can I find information on inspections?

Information relating to inspections and reviews can be found on the Inspection and review area of the Education Scotland website.

As a parent/carer, where can I find more information about Scottish education?

A wealth of information for parents/carers is available on Parentzone Scotland. This includes information on Curriculum for Excellence and supporting learning at home.

How can I find information about, and support for, community learning and development?

Support for adult learning (including literacies learning), work with children, young people and families, and community capacity building is available in the Community Learning and Development area of the Education Scotland website.

I want to make a complaint about the standard of services provided by Education Scotland, including inspection/scrutiny. How do I do this?

Please see the information on the complaints handling page.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint about a teacher or school?

We advise that you raise your issues with your local authority and follow their complaints process. The local authority’s education department has responsibility for ensuring that any concerns about schools in its area are dealt with appropriately. Education Scotland does not have a remit to investigate complaints against teachers or schools.

If you are not satisfied with the response from the local authority you have the right to contact the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO), who handle complaints about public services in Scotland, for advice. The SPSO will consider complaints which have been through the formal complaints procedure of your local authority.

Who should I contact for information on school enrolment, home schooling and placing requests?

Please contact the local authority that the school is situated within.

How do I contact someone in Education Scotland?

All employees have a generic email address of so if you are aware of your contact’s first name and surname you can contact them direct. However, if unsure please email and your email will be forwarded on to the appropriate person/team.

Where can I find information on working as a teacher in Scotland?

Contact the General Teaching Council for Scotland at GTCS. The Scottish Government has set up a website with information on teaching in Scotland:

Who do I contact about student funding in Scotland ?

For all student funding queries please contact SAAS.

I wish to move to Scotland – how do I find out about schools, year groups or examination years ?

Contact the school you have chosen and they will be able to advise you. You can also contact the local authority for the areas that you are considering moving to for details of the education provision in their area.

Can you send me my archived school records, or information related to my teacher training and employment (eg pension details, copies of professional qualification certificates).

If you wish archived school records, please contact your old school directly or the local authority. You can also contact the National Library of Scotland or visit the National Records for Scotland website. The General Teaching Council for Scotland has information on teacher education programmes.

Can you provide a list of all schools in Scotland?

The Scottish Government provides information about all schools in Scotland.

I wish to know more about University Entrance Requirements?

Please find link to the UCAS website.

Can you provide me with details of the Scottish Parents Council ?

The Scottish Parents Council is now known as Connect.

I’m worried about the safety of a child

Our Corporate Parent and Safeguarding policies require Education Scotland to ensure that staff take positive actions to respond to allegations, suspicions or incidents of abuse, and also to be alert to matters which, or which might, adversely affect the wellbeing of care experienced children and young people.

If a Safeguarding concern is reported to us we will pass on that concern to the relevant local authority or independent school and ask them to indicate that relevant staff are aware of the concern. Education Scotland does not investigate concerns. We do maintain a confidential record of all concerns received.

How do I promote something through Education Scotland?

PDF file: News submission form (123 KB)

Complete the above form and return it to to be considered.

My question isn’t answered here

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