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We are constantly updating the Education Scotland Online Service, this may mean that sometimes you have to refresh your page or clear your computer cache to see the pages properly.

To refresh your page

Internet Explorer users:

  • press the F5 button on the keyboard or click on the 'refresh' icon on your toolbar a couple of times.

Firefox and Safari users:

  • click on the 'reload current page' icon.

These will reload the web page with the latest version from the Education Scotland website.

Clearing your cache

If the page is still not displaying properly, you will need to clear your cache:

Internet Explorer users

  • go to the Tools menu, then select Internet options. In the 'General' tab, go to 'Temporary internet files' and select 'Delete files'.

Firefox users

  • go to File/Preferences/Privacy/Cache/ and select 'Clear cache now'.

Safari users

  • go to Safari/Empty cache.

These will refresh your computer's cache of websites visited and reload the new pages correctly.

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