Starting out in STEM (2-part series) - Session 2

Event information

Monday, 20 March 2023
16:00 - 17:00

Don’t know where to start with STEM learning and teaching? Want to improve your confidence in this area and know where to find resources? Then this two part series is for you!

  • These events are aimed at early learning and childcare, ASN and primary practitioners who are starting out in STEM.
  • The sessions will explore three provocations designed to look at what STEM pedagogy and contexts for STEM learning look like, why we teach STEM, and how we teach STEM.
  • Both live sessions will give you a chance to connect with colleagues and engage in depth discussion around your STEM practice. There will be signposts to helpful resources to get you started plus opportunities to network.

Before attending, we will ask you to watch three short provocations (approx. 3 mins each). These will be emailed to you on sign up.

*PLEASE NOTE: The first session takes place on Monday 6th February 2023 and the second on Monday 20th March 2023. Both sessions start at 4pm and are for 1 hour. By signing up you are signing up to both sessions and where possible should attend both.*

Target Audience - Please be aware that the target audience for this event is for professionals within the Education Sector in Scotland and to register for the event please enter either a school/establishment/local authority or Glow email address. If you work in Scottish education and would like to attend, but do not have a glow or work email address please email with the name of your setting or service, to request a place. Thank you for your understanding.

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Request for advance information - If you have specific accessibility requirements, for example, if you need slides or more information to be sent to you in advance, or need breaks at specific intervals, we would welcome more information about this in advance. Whilst it is your choice to disclose this information, or not, doing so will enable us to better understand your needs and plan how to best support your engagement. Our aim is to make appropriate adjustments to our programme delivery to ensure the best possible experience for our delegates.