The Advice on Gaelic Education – Exploring it together

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023
16:00 - 17:30
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A workshop for school leaders in Early Years, Primary and Secondary, providing an opportunity to explore the Advice on Gaelic Education in-depth. This interactive session will provide the opportunity for collaboration, networking and the sharing of practice through professional dialogue.

Attendees should bring a copy of the Advice on Gaelic Education with them to the workshop Advice on Gaelic Education | Self-evaluation | National Improvement Hub

This event will be bilingual.


Comhairle mu Fhoghlam Gàidhlig – ga rannsachadh còmhla ri chèile

Bùth-obrach do cheannardan sgoile ann an Tràth-bhliadhnaichean, Bun-sgoiltean agus Àrd-sgoiltean, a’ toirt cothrom a dhol ann an dòimhneachd a’ rannsachadh Comhairle mu Fhoghlam Gàidhlig. Bidh an seisean eadar-ghnìomhach seo a’ toirt cothrom airson co-obrachadh, lìonraidhean, agus co-roinn cleachdaidh tro chòmhraidhean proifeiseanta.

Bu chòir do chom-pàirtichean leth-bhreac den Chomhairle mu Fhoghlam Gàidhlig a thoirt leotha dhan bhùth-obrach.

Bidh an tachartas seo dà-chànanach.

Target Audience - Please be aware that the target audience for this event is for professionals within the Education Sector in Scotland and to register for the event please enter either a school/establishment/local authority or Glow email address. If you work in Scottish education and would like to attend, but do not have a glow or work email address please email with the name of your setting or service, to request a place. Thank you for your understanding.

Ticket allocation - It is not possible to transfer your booking to anyone else. If you are unable to attend please cancel your booking to free up a space for another participant to attend. Please remember that for security purposes it is very important that you do not share event information with anyone else to provide them access to this event.

Request for advance information - If you have specific accessibility requirements, for example, if you need slides or more information to be sent to you in advance, or need breaks at specific intervals, we would welcome more information about this in advance. Whilst it is your choice to disclose this information, or not, doing so will enable us to better understand your needs and plan how to best support your engagement. Our aim is to make appropriate adjustments to our programme delivery to ensure the best possible experience for our delegates.