Education Scotland launch new Interactions, Experiences and Spaces project for the Scottish Learning Festival

Education Scotland have announced a brand new project for the Scottish Learning Festival. This project will run concurrently with the main festival seminar programme and invites educators to create and share content with a focus on pedagogy.

The new Interactions, Experiences and Spaces project aims to highlight grassroots professional practice and pedagogy by exploring the interactions we have with learners, the learning experiences that take place and the diverse spaces in which these happen.

This will be done through pre-recorded, five to ten minute ‘teach-meet’ style videos that any educator can submit and will sit on the SLF website for other educators to access at any time.

For the project, educators are encouraged to present a range of ideas such as:

  • something that worked well for them that they want to celebrate and share,
  • something that didn’t work well for them that they’ve learned from, or
  • something that they’re currently developing and want people’s advice and support with.

Full information about the project, including guidance on how to upload the videos can be found on the Interactions, Experiences and Spaces project page of the SLF website.

The Scottish Learning festival will run for two days on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 September and building on the success of last year’s first ever SLF Online, Education Scotland will once again be offering a virtual learning festival in an amazing 3D virtual venue and in addition they will be hosting several small ‘satellite events’ across Scotland. These will be physical events and which will be streamed into the main SLF virtual portal so you can join in from anywhere.

SLF will continue to be centred around supporting extensive professional learning for practitioners across all sectors in the Scottish education system and plans are underway to run key notes and around 70 seminars over two days as part of the conference programme.

Ollie Bray, Strategic Director at Education Scotland said: “The fantastic thing about this year’s Scottish Learning Festival is the flexibility of it all though our hybrid approach and that gives educators all across Scotland an opportunity to take part and contribute. The Interactions, Experiences and Spaces project will run alongside the main SLF seminar programme and satellite events which means it’s an additional way for Scotland’s diverse education workforce to engage with the Scottish Learning Festival. Previous feedback has helped us shape this flexible approach and I’m excited to see how the project develops.”

Registration for SLF is now open and more information can be found on the Registration page of the SLF website.