New report highlights the approaches to remote learning in Scotland’s Colleges

The Covid-19 pandemic created significant challenges for all learning providers. In Scotland’s colleges, managers, staff and learners had to adapt to new ways of planning, delivering and engaging in learning activities during campus closure and when settings reopened .

Between March and April 2021, HM Inspectors of Education (HMIE) engaged in professional dialogue with learners, college staff and managers across all colleges in Scotland to develop a national overview of practice in the delivery of remote learning.

The national overview report published today by HM Inspectors of Education, has found that colleges took swift action to enable learning and teaching to continue remotely following the announcement of the national lockdown in March 2020.

The report further outlines what is working well in Scotland’s Colleges, identifies challenges and what further support is needed to continue to improve the delivery of remote learning.

Findings include:

  • information on the range of work undertaken by colleges to address digital infrastructure and the impact of digital poverty and connectivity.
  • Details of the approaches colleges have taken to minimise the impact of restrictions on the learning experience and provide continuity of learning, during college campus closure and on return.
  • Descriptions of how staff have been proactive in developing materials and approaches to assist learners in learning remotely, as well as the challenges of developing independent learning skills remotely.
  • Information on the engagement of learners in remote learning, including the work of support service teams in maintaining learner engagement.
  • A summary of the approaches colleges have taken to monitoring and assessing learner progress during remote learning, including capturing student views and working with Student Associations.
  • The important focus on supporting staff and learner wellbeing and mental health during remote learning and on return to college campus.