OECD Independent Review of Curriculum for Excellence

The first meeting of the Scottish Practitioner Forum for the OECD Independent Review of Curriculum for Excellence was held on Thursday 27 August. This Forum is made up of practitioners from primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, CLD, ADES, SQA and Education Scotland and has been established to work as an advisory board to the OECD team to:

  • engage with the OECD team on current curriculum practice in Scotland;
  • help shape the development of the review;
  • meet with the OECD team during the visit and consider preliminary findings;
  • facilitate stakeholder engagement across the country; and
  • support the development of the OECD report.

The Forum is not the only way that practitioners and stakeholders will be able to engage with the review. This will be done mainly through two weeks of online engagement activities in Autumn/ Winter 2020 and a session in early 2021. Key dates to note for the review are:

  • Visit 1: National Stakeholders - 28 September - 2 October 2020
  • Visit 2: Schools, practitioners and learners - 2-6 November 2020
  • Visit 3: Engagement on preliminary findings – early March 2021
  • Publication of final report – June 2021