Supervision spaces launched to support mental health and wellbeing

Education Scotland is working in partnership with Barnardo’s to offer anyone in an education leadership role three reflective supervision spaces which will focus on looking after their mental health and the mental health and wellbeing of those they lead.

These three workshop-style sessions will take place on Wednesdays and last 90 minutes per session. Participants have a range of date and time options to choose from between now and June 2022 and can sign up to one, two or all three sessions.

Workshop one will focus on personal wellbeing and capacity to help leaders to support the wellbeing of those they lead. Participants will be guided through a personal wellbeing plan to enable them to use this process with others they lead.

Workshop two will allow participants to reflect on their own system and how a trauma informed/relational approach could support the mental health and wellbeing of people they lead.

Workshop three will enable participants to reflect on current challenges and consider priorities for their establishment or team in developing a consistent language and approach to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the learners they work alongside to the benefit of the wider system.

Maureen McAteer, Assistant Director, Children’s Services at Barnardo’s said: 'Mental Health and Wellbeing does not exist in a vacuum. There are multiple interdependencies and influences through our relationships and systems. Our set of three interconnected sessions aim to support practitioners to reflect on these factors in their own setting with a view to developing an action plan to take forward in their establishments.'

Leaders can find out more and sign up for the sessions here: Supervision Spaces