HM Inspectors of Education publish report signposting highly-effective practice on assessment within Broad General Education

Scotland's HM Inspectors of Education have today published a new report highlighting key features found to be making the greatest difference to using assessment effectively to improve children’s and young people’s learning.

Education Scotland’s report ‘Assessment within the broad general education: a thematic inspection – Signposts to highly-effective practice’ focuses on sharing case studies of highly-effective practice as well as messages about what is working well in early learning and childcare settings and schools when it comes to assessing children’s progress.

Gayle Gorman, HM Chief Inspector and Chief Executive of Education Scotland explained: “Our inspection team has the opportunity to observe learning in classrooms and identify what is working well. It is vital that we share that knowledge to help practitioners across the country improve their own practice.

“I hope that this latest thematic report will serve as a supportive resource to help those working in education settings address effectively the challenges associated with making best use of assessment.”

The report takes a close look at the effective use of assessment within the Scottish education system. It describes six key features of highly-effective practice and also contains case studies to demonstrate these key features in practice.

Gayle added: “If we are to achieve the national vision of excellence and equity for our learners, it is important that those working in education understand where children and young people are in their learning.”

The latest publication forms part of Education Scotland’s national thematic inspection reports which contain the professional views of HM Inspectors on particular aspects of education.

Janie McManus, Strategic Director, Scrutiny, with Education Scotland, said: “We know that high-quality assessment of learning improves outcomes for children and young people. The case studies and summary inspection findings for each of these key features of assessment, along with the prompts for discussion, provide a focus for schools to reflect on current practice and to help identify what now needs to be done to ensure all of our learners benefit from highly-effective assessment approaches.”

The ‘Assessment within the broad general education: a thematic inspection – Signposts to highly-effective practice’ report is based on evidence relating to the use of assessment within the broad general education from school and early learning and childcare inspections, carried out during 2018-19 academic year. It also draws on visits to primary and secondary schools, and early learning and childcare settings during November and December 2019.