Schools are supporting the health and wellbeing of the education community during remote learning

Since January 2021 HM Inspectors of Education (HMIE) have been engaging with local authorities, schools, parents, carers and children and young people to provide a weekly national overview of how remote learning is being delivered in schools across Scotland.

The purpose of the national overview is to outline what is working well, identify the challenges and what further support is needed to continue to improve the delivery of remote learning.

The latest report focuses on how schools are supporting the health and wellbeing of children and young people, their families, staff and the school community. It highlights examples of practice which illustrate what is working well in schools within six local authorities including recent case studies from some of the schools and local authorities.

Findings include:

  • information on how local authorities prioritise support for health and wellbeing and recognise the importance of supporting staff’s wellbeing;
  • illustrations of how schools have strengthened their focus on supporting children, young people and their families as a result of feedback from learners and families;
  • details of how staff also support children’s and young people’s wellbeing through encouraging learning outdoors;
  • examples of how schools are working to minimise the impact of remote learning on parents, carers and family life, including around connectedness and the importance of maintaining positive relationships;
  • descriptions of how staff are being proactive and responsive in addressing wellbeing concerns for families, including work with partner organisations, community groups, social work and allied health professionals; and
  • information on school arrangements to support children and young people at key points of transition, including as they return to in-school learning.

The final section in the report includes a section on emerging strengths in approaches to supporting the health and wellbeing of children and families, staff and the school community as well as areas for continuing improvement.

To find out more, read each of the weekly national overview of practice reports and view a selection of case studies and supporting documentation shared by local authorities and schools on the ‘Sharing what’s working well’ section on our website.