Education staff encouraged to share views on what additional support they require

UPDATE (July 2020): The Education Workforce Support survey is now closed and received 2,274 responses. The findings from the survey have been, and will continue to be used, to ensure that the work taken forward in partnership by the Workforce Support workstream meets the needs of those working in the system.

A new workforce support group created in response to Covid-19 is surveying Scotland’s education workforce, including early learning and childcare, to find out what additional training and wellbeing support is needed.

The group is one of a number of workstreams formed by the Scottish Government and is focused on looking beyond the immediate impact to consider how national and local government can best work with key partners to support schools and early learning and childcare services in moving forward.

Education Scotland Strategic Director Gillian Hamilton, who is a coordinator for the Workforce Support workstream, is keen to encourage education staff to take part in the survey to share their views on what additional training and wellbeing support is required.

She said: “We know this is an extremely challenging time for school leaders, teaching staff, support staff, and early years professionals and we want ensure that they have the skills, resilience and confidence to support their own wellbeing, support the wellbeing of staff and colleagues and support the wellbeing of children and young people in the new circumstances,

“Our first step has been to collate the support already provided by the organisations represented on the group. We would like all Scotland’s education workforce to let us know what additional professional learning and wellbeing support you would welcome as you continue to work to meet the needs of all children and young people in your care in these changed circumstances.

“We also want to let you know that we are here to support and listen to your feedback and this will ensure that education and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.”

Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills John Swinney added: “People working in schools and nurseries are facing the biggest challenge of their careers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are asking everyone working in education to tell us what support and training they need to do the best job they can in the coming weeks and months, as we move towards being able to safely resume."

The group will regularly monitor and review the responses received to ensure that the work we take forward in partnership meets the needs of those working in the system. Community Learning and Development (CLD) Practitioners are encouraged to complete the CLD workforce survey, conducted by the CLD Standards Council.

Other organisations who are members of the group include ADES (Association of Directors of Education in Scotland), AHDS (Association of Head Teachers and Deputes in Scotland) COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities), EIS (Educational Institute of Scotland), GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland), NPFS (National Parent Forum of Scotland), NASUWT (Teachers’ Union), SLS (School Leaders Scotland), SSTA (Scottish Secondary Teachers Association), Voice the Union for Education Professionals, SSSC (Scottish Social Services Council), SCDE (The Scottish Council of Deans of Education).

PDF file: Covid-19 Education Recovery Group - Education Workforce Support Workstream - Professional Learning and Wellbeing Support- July 2020 (805 KB)