Teacher Workload Study

We are undertaking a study into Teacher Workload as part of the Scottish Approach to Service Design. This approach explores day-to-day real-life experiences in order to more fully understand challenges and opportunities. This will ensure that Educations Scotland’s systems and services are designed in ways that better recognise the context and reality of teachers’ working experiences. Future changes to our digital services can then be better prioritised according to what will work best for teachers rather than being influenced by organisational structures or technology.

Directors of Education in each Local Authority area have been made aware of this study and where required, formal processes have been followed.

What is involved in taking part?

As part of this study, we’d like the opportunity to visit schools one day between 2nd March and 20th March. During our visit we’d like to talk to up to 5 teachers (including a member of the senior management team) for around an hour each. The format of each session will be a discussion, covering the subject of workload during non-contact time. We may also ask to observe some typical (non-teaching) work activities being performed if teachers are comfortable to show us.

Please note that, while the output of this study will be available through our website, schools and individuals that have taken part will not be named.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact us at ES_User_Research@educationscotland.gov.scot.

If selected, your school will receive £200 in Amazon vouchers as a thank you for taking part.