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LAST UPDATED: 15th May 2017 Social studies

An introduction to the social studies curriculum area (which includes history, geography, modern studies and social subjects) for parents and carers, outlining what and how children and young people will learn.

LAST UPDATED: 10th July 2020 Community Resilience and Social Studies

This mapping guide shows clear links between social studies and community resilience.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Literacy in social studies

Social studies offers a rich opportunity to contextualise literacy for children and young people. Across the range of social studies subjects, there are many opportunities to enable learners to improve their literacy skills.

LAST UPDATED: 22nd April 2020 Social studies 3-18 curriculum review (impact report)

This 2013 report contains advice and guidance around what is working well Social Studies and areas for development.

LAST UPDATED: 5th March 2018 Professional Development in Social Studies at St Ignatius Primary School (2013)

​The video illustrates how networking and the sharing of good practice supports professional development in the teaching of social studies.

LAST UPDATED: 12th December 2019 Numeracy in Social Studies

​This paper offers examples of contexts across Social Studies where numeracy skills can be progressed and provides links to the Significant Aspects of Learning and the Learning Statements.

LAST UPDATED: 17th July 2020 Social studies

Includes: people, past events and societies; people, place and environment; and people in society, economy and business.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Evidence of the link between Inclusive Education and Social Inclusion - a review of the literature 2018

This literature review examines the link between inclusive education and the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Primary 1 Scottish National Standardised Assessments Case Studies

These case studies exemplify a range of effective approaches for the delivery of Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSAs) in primary 1.

LAST UPDATED: 23rd July 2020 Social wellbeing - first level

This activity is to help children think about their social wellbeing.