Ensuring the impact of Curriculum for Excellence

This programme is designed to support the continuing implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) to ensure that its original aspirations for learners in Scotland are met. The programme includes:

Curriculum area priorities

Benchmarks follow up

  • This workstream aims to ensure effective use of the Benchmarks through engaging with local authorities to promote their use within the context of ‘Understanding Standards’. It includes a series of five CfE Leadership Conferences for primary and secondary headteachers planned for Sept 2017.

Gaelic sector

  • This workstream aims to ensure that Education Scotland fulfils its commitments to the National Gaelic Language Plan. This includes raising awareness of and supporting improvement in all aspects of Gaelic Education.

Primary and secondary curriculum pathways

  • This workstream aims to promote innovative approaches to curriculum design.

Supporting the expansion of early learning and childcare

  • This workstream is focused on supporting the early learning and childcare sector to deliver high quality learning, reducing inequity and improving outcomes for toddlers and young children prior to and across the early level of Curriculum for Excellence. This is during a period of expansion of entitlement and towards the introduction of 1,140 hours for all entitled children.

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