Schools programme (primary)

​The Scottish Attainment Challenge aims to achieve equity in educational outcomes, with a particular focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap.  The Primary Schools Programme was launched in October 2015, as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, supporting 57 primary schools with the highest proportion of  pupils living in our most deprived areas across 14 Local Authorities.

The programme aims to close the attainment gap through targeted improvements in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.  Year 1 of the Attainment Scotland Fund supported schools in the Schools Programme to take forward a range of initiatives from increased resources, improved processes, structures and systems and targeted interventions for children with the greatest need.  In Year 2 we want to build on progress made as well as increasing the pace of implementation and delivery.

The primary schools are all at different stages in their improvement journey and have their own strengths and areas for improvement.  All schools taking part in the challenge are expected to share their successes and lessons learned with other schools through enhanced collaboration in a dedicated network.

The Attainment Advisor works in partnership with local authority staff, quality improvement officers, school leaders, teachers and partner agencies to support schools to develop, implement and deliver their improvement plans.