The universal offer

The Scottish Attainment Challenge aims to achieve equity in educational outcomes, with a particular focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap.  We know that consistent improvement in raising attainment and reducing educational inequity in Scotland is key to improving outcomes for all children and young people. 

All schools and local authorities across Scotland benefit from the universal support package offered through the Scottish Attainment Challenge.  The universal offer includes: 

  • Attainment Advisors – all local Authorities have direct access to a named Attainment Advisor who works collaboratively alongside local authority staff on agreed priorities which support the Scottish Attainment Challenge.
  • National Improvement Hub - a virtual centre of educational expertise that will support the Scottish Attainment Challenge. The hub will play a key role in moving knowledge to action around the education system.  It incorporates a range of features to build collaborative learning and engage leaders and practitioners to support a self-improving education system.
  • Support for inter-authority improvement partnerships - ADES are developing inter-authority partnerships as outlined in its 2020 vision. Attainment Advisors are collaborating in alignment with these inter-authority partnership groupings so that intervention plans and experiences can be shared.
  • Innovation Fund – during financial year 2016-17 this allowed all schools to identify and submit proposals for creative and innovative projects that will raise attainment in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing for children and young people experiencing socio economic disadvantage.  The funding allocation supported various projects to build capacity in schools in a way that does not require on-going national funding.  The Scottish Government has allocated a total of £3.6 million to 219 projects, benefitting over 400 schools. 

The universal support builds upon a firm foundation in our key policies: National Improvement Framework, Curriculum for Excellence; GIRFEC; Early Years; Teaching Scotland's Future and Developing the Young Workforce.  These clearly set out what needs to be done to support children and young people's successful learning journey from early years, through school and post-16 learning - including university and college - and on into positive destinations.