Embedding inclusion, wellbeing and equality

Scotland’s ‘needs led’ and rights based educational system is designed to be an inclusive one for all children and young people in Scottish schools.

Children’s rights and entitlements are fundamental to Scotland’s approach to inclusive education supported by the legislative framework and key policy drivers. These include, Curriculum for Excellence, the Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) approach and the Professional Standards for Scotland's Teachers. These are underpinned by a set of values aligned to social justice and commitment to inclusive education. The Scottish Curriculum is defined as the totality of all that is planned for children and young people from early learning and childcare, through school and beyond.

  • It is the responsibility of all who work with children to respond appropriately to their needs.
  • Recognising early signs of difficulties and adapting learning and teaching approaches are a regular part of the daily routine for teachers and colleagues supporting all children in an education environment.
  • Effective assessment, planning, action and review, consistent with the values and principles of Curriculum for Excellence, the Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) approach, the Early Years Framework and legislation.

This inclusive approach not only allows children and young people to thrive in their community but also contributes to all children and young people’s understanding and appreciation of diversity and helps to build a more just society.

The Education Scotland work collaboratively with partners to support and information across inclusion, wellbeing and equality, some examples are below:

  • UNCRC, Rights and participation.
  • Development of whole school culture and ethos to promote inclusion, participation and learning.
  • Relational approaches
  • Child protection and Safeguarding
  • Support for all learners and those who require additional support
  • Support for mental health and wellbeing
  • Corporate Parenting
  • Knowledge and expertise in the delivery of Universal and Targeted interventions

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