Ensuring the impact of Scotland’s Curriculum

Education Scotland has a key role in supporting the continuing implementation and development of Scotland’s Curriculum to ensure that its aspirations for all learners in Scotland are met and that it enables Scotland’s learners to gain the knowledge, skills and attributes needed for life in the 21st century.

Our focuses include:

  • working with early years settings, schools and local authorities to identify and understand local needs
  • supporting and, as needed, facilitating communities of practice
  • working with communities of practice to create a shared language and understanding of the curriculum to support consistency of message
  • identifying what works in examples of highly effective practice and curriculum making in order to stimulate professional dialogue and promote improvement
  • developing high quality professional learning on the curriculum
  • playing a key role in implementing the curriculum recommendations of the OECD Review
  • using the Refreshed Narrative to promote and support thinking about Scotland’s Curriculum

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