College reviews


All colleges use the How Good Is Our College? (HGIOC?) quality framework to evaluate and report on their performance. This forward-looking framework builds on existing, effective internal quality arrangements within colleges, and aligns with Education Scotland’s 'Overarching Framework' for evaluating the quality of services and organisations – the overarching framework used by other sectors.

The framework also takes account of the Scottish Funding Council's (SFC) arrangements for Regional Outcome Agreements.

Through the use of HGIOC?, colleges and their stakeholders identify what is working well and what needs to improve. The framework is based on four high-level principles, which in turn are underpinned by challenge questions and quality indicators:

  • Leadership and quality culture
  • Delivery of learning and services to support learning
  • Outcomes and impact
  • Capacity for improvement

Each college produces an evaluative report and enhancement plan, outlining the methodology and approaches taken to evaluation and progress made against targets and areas for improvement.

HM Inspectors engage regularly with colleges, providing support and challenge to staff in their understanding of the principles and approaches behind the arrangements; and the accuracy and appropriateness of their approaches to evaluation. The college-devised evaluative report and enhancement plan is used to inform the work of HM Inspectors in assessing the appropriateness of plans for improvement and progress made toward improvement targets.

Individual reports of the findings of HM Inspectors will be shared with SFC, the college Board and published on the Education Scotland website.

Key documents

PDF file: Approach to external quality assurance, engagement and enhancement by HM Inspectors AY 2022-23 (409 KB)

PDF file: Arrangements for assuring and improving the quality of provision and services in Scotland’s colleges (396 KB)

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