Community learning and development inspections

Education Scotland are currently redesigning their CLD inspection model. For further information please contact Sheila Brown HMI Lead Officer CLD

CLD inspection and review reports​

All current and previous Community Learning and Development inspection reports are available on our website.​

A report on the Community Learning and Development Plans 2015-18 - Planning for change in Scotland's communities and an aspect review of progress made in implementing the CLD Regulations, Community Learning and Development (CLD) Planning has also been published.

During 2015 and 2016, Education Scotland explored place-based inspections by trying out some other models of inspection and review. Reviews of Creative Places and Development Trusts are published on our website.

How good is our community learning and development?  ​

A new draft HGIOCLD? Framework is now available. This framework will be used in future models of CLD inspection.