Community learning and development inspections

​​​Education Scotland are currently redesigning their CLD inspection model. For further information please contact Sheila Brown HMI Lead Officer CLD.

CLD inspection and review reports​

All current and previous Community Learning and Development inspection reports are available on our website.​

A report on the Community Learning and Development Plans 2015-18 - Planning for change in Scotland's communities and an aspect review of progress made in implementing the CLD Regulations, Community Learning and Development (CLD) Planning has also been published.

During 2015 and 2016, Education Scotland explored place-based inspections by trying out some other models of inspection and review. Reviews of Creative Places and Development Trusts are published on our website.

​​CLD continuing engagement model

We will undertake continuing engagement of CLD provision within an authority as a result of the outcomes of the original inspection. The briefing note and accompanying templates are designed to assist planning for the continuing engagement visit by HM Inspectors. It will help local authorities prepare and outline the type of activity which should take place. CLD inspection helps us to answer the following questions that were asked in the original inspection:

  • How good is the strategic leadership of community learning and development?; and
  • How good is the learning and development in a defined local community?

To answer these questions we will refer to the quality framework, How good is the learning and development in our community? (2016).

Our aim of continuing engagement is to help the local authority and its partners to improve. To do so we will focus primarily on the areas for improvement identified in the original inspection report. However, we will also want to see that the quality of provision overall has not diminished.

For any further guidance about continuing engagement, local authorities should contact the Managing Inspector.

PDF file: CLD Continuing Engagement Inspection model - November 2018 (619 KB​)​​​