How we ensure our approaches to inspection and review are of a high quality?

​​To ensure our approaches to inspection and review are of a high quality, we have a set of principles to which we are committed. The ten​ principles provide a key point of reference to inform the development of any new approaches to inspection and review. They are:

  1. Independence, impartiality and accountability
  2. having all learners or users at the heart of inspection and review
  3. equality and diversity
  4. transparency and mutual respect
  5. observing practice and experiences directly: focusing on outcomes and impact
  6. building on self-evaluation
  7. working in partnership with users of our services and other providers/scrutiny bodies
  8. improvement and capacity building
  9. proportionality, responsiveness and assessment of risk
  10. best value.

In addition to this set of principles, we develop and maintain a set of specific inspection and review guidance which describes how we work in particular sectors or areas of provision. These show how our inspection and review principles are being put into practice in the particular sectors or areas.​ Inspection and review guidance, relevant to each sector/area, is available via the links.


PDF file: Principles of inspection and review (1.5 MB)

PDF file: Ten principles diagram (94 KB).​