How do teams conduct themselves during inspection and review?

​​HM Inspectors do not always carry out inspections and reviews on their own. We value the expertise of current practitioners from across sectors and services, so we are joined by practitioners from the relevant sector. These practitioners are called Professional Associates/Associate Assessors as appropriate to the sector​.

Inspection teams will often be joined by a Health and Nutrition Inspector who focuses on food provision and food education.

It is also very important to us that we hear the voice of parents, stakeholders, employers and learners. We do this in a number of ways. Inspectors often meet with representatives of these groups during inspection. They are also helped in hearing the views of learners and parents by Lay Members and Student Team Members. We value the contribution young people can make to our inspection programme and are in the process of developing a young inspectors programme.

The behaviours and conduct of our inspection and review teams is of critical importance to Education Scotland. The behaviours and conduct that we promote are described in in the 'Best practice framework for inspections and reviews (known as the PRAISE Framework)'. This is aligned with Education Scotland's core values. All members of inspection and review teams are fully trained in the PRAISE Framework.

The behaviours and conduct that we promote are:

Purpose - being clear about the overall purpose of the inspection/review and retaining this throughout. Creating a shared agenda with staff in the organisation and amongst members of the inspection/review team.

Relationships - building and maintaining constructive relationships throughout the process as the basis of a high-quality inspection/review.

Awareness - maintaining a high level of awareness of the context in which staff are operating, of their feelings and reactions to the process and of the inspector's own approach and its impact.

Information gathering - careful inquiry to gather and analyse evidence. Retaining an objective stance, testing assumptions and assimilating data before evaluating.

Sharing information - communicating effectively throughout the process to prepare and inform staff. Encouraging staff to be open in providing their perspective and sharing findings as the inspection/review progresses.

Enabling - treating people with respect, engaging them in professional dialogue, recognising their efforts and sharing findings in a constructive way to encourage ownership and learning to take place.

These standards describe the way we expect all members of inspection and review teams to conduct themselves. They apply to everyone who engages with staff from a provider before, during and after the inspection or review process. Members of inspection teams also observe the PRAISE Framework when working with each other.


PDF file: PRAISE Framework​​