Professional learning and leadership

We support education professionals to make a difference in the classroom, school and wider community through access to a wide range of professional learning and leadership opportunities.

Our online resource enables you to engage with learning activities within your own secure account area, search for high-quality programmes of learning and access materials which support professional learning and leadership across the education system in Scotland.

We are funded by the Scottish Government and are able to provide free access to our online resource for teachers registered with the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) can log in via Glow.​

Leadership programmes​

Our innovative, high-quality leadership programmes help ensure that education professionals have the right learning and development opportunities to make a real difference to the outcomes for children and young people. Our programmes are aimed at education professionals at all stages of their career across early years, primary and secondary settings, and cover teacher leadership, middle leadership, school leadership and system leadership:

Programme endorsement

A programme that has been endorsed by Education Scotland demonstrates that it is informed by the national model of professional learning and links effectively to the relevant professional standards and current policy context. Endorsement provides those who commission programmes, as well as those engaging in professional learning, assurance that they offer relevant, significant and sustained quality learning. Such experiences develop depth of professional learning, knowledge, skills and understanding which ultimately impacts on the quality of learning experience for all learners.

The national model of professional learning

The national model of professional learning identifies the key principles and features of effective professional learning and offers strategic guidance for educators on how to support, structure and plan for professional learning.​​​

The model offers a shared language and aspiration acting as a guide for learning providers to help evaluate and inform the nature and purpose of the professional learning offered.

It outlines the kind of learning that builds capacity, promotes collaborative practices and supports education professionals to be empowered, enabling them to meet the needs of all learners. 

Learning activities

Learning activities are designed to provide relevant and appropriate learning across a broad range of themes, as well as to stimulate reflection on your professional practice with an emphasis on the positive impact of the learning on children, young people and adult learners. Self-directed learning activities are provided online, for all teachers and early years practitioners across Scotland. Mapped to the ​SSSC and GTCS Standards, they are provided to meet a range of professional learning themes, with a focus on the education professional as a learner.


Find our full range of programmes, activities and resources on the professional learning and leadership online resource​.​​