The national model of professional learning

The national model of professional learning identifies the key principles and features of effective professional learning and offers strategic guidance for educators on how to support, structure and plan for professional learning.​​​

The model offers a shared language and aspiration acting as a guide for learning providers to help evaluate and inform the nature and purpose of the professional learning offered.

It outlines the kind of learning that builds capacity, promotes collaborative practices and supports education professionals to be empowered, enabling them to meet the needs of all learners. It is central to the Education Scotland endorsement process.

A programme that has been endorsed by Education Scotland demonstrates it is informed by the national model of professional learning and links effectively to the relevant professional standards and current policy context.

Programmes aligned with the principles of the national model of professional learning are:

  • challenging, and develop thinking, knowledge, skills and understanding
  • underpinned by developing skills of enquiry and criticality
  • interactive, reflective and involve learning with and from others


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