Supporting Regional Improvement

Education Scotland’s Regional Improvement Directorate has six Regional Improvement Teams which include staff in a diverse range of roles who all contribute to providing professional advice and bespoke support to early learning and childcare and community learning establishments, schools, local authorities and Regional Improvement Collaboratives (RICs).

Each of the six Regional Improvement Teams is led by a Senior Regional Advisor (SRA). SRAs work closely with the strategic lead for each of the RICs to support the improvement priorities outlined within annual RIC plans. SRAs also work in partnership with local authority Directors of Education in their region as well as other central staff; providing professional advice and support and leading improvement.

ES Regional Improvement Teams are multi-disciplinary with Senior Education Officers, Education Officers and Development Officers with policy and improvement specialisms in areas such as early learning and childcare, inclusion, health and wellbeing, curriculum, CLD and digital learning and teaching. Regional Improvement Teams are also supported by National Improvement Framework Officers and locally aligned Attainment Advisors. Our Regional teams also work with our national teams bringing the wide range of expertise in professional learning and leadership, curriculum innovation, inclusion and wellbeing and scrutiny into local and regional work to further support improvement.

Team members work with educators across all sectors, to support improvement. They provide professional advice and support in their specialist areas, lead improvement and build capacity and contribute to ensuring robust evaluation of impact. Some team members also work closely with policy colleagues based in Scottish Government and as such contribute to the development and implementation of Scottish Education policy.

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