Education Scotland procures goods and services from a variety of suppliers. As an executive agency, we must ensure our procurement procedures are in line with Scottish Government Procurement Policy. This policy is quite specific and is designed to ensure that as a Public Contracting Authority, Education Scotland achieves optimum value for money (VFM) through the use of open competition.

The Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 give effect in Scots law to the European Directive on procurement in the public sector (Directive 2014/24/EU). This legislation ensures that, as a public sector body, we award all contracts in an efficient and non-discriminatory manner.

Education Scotland procurement strategy

Education Scotland’s procurement strategy sets out our key objective and priorities for the next three years. The purpose of the strategy is to ensure we make best use of our budget by maximising the benefits from the goods and services we buy.

PDF file: Procurement Strategy (287 KB)

Education Scotland procurement policy

The Education Scotland Procurement Policy Manual sets out the rules that apply to Education Scotland staff who are involved in procurement activity. It applies to all procurement of all goods and services.

PDF file: Procurement Policy Manual - March 2022 (278 KB)

Annual Procurement Report

Education Scotland’s Annual Procurement Report reviews regulated procurement activity during the year.

PDF file: Education Scotland Annual Procurement Report 2020-21 (361 KB)

Contract register

PDF file: Contract register - May 2022 (75 KB)

Current tenders

All contract notices above £50,000 are advertised on Public Contracts Scotland. You must be registered on the portal to access any of these opportunities.

The supplier journey

Suppliers can find an explanation of how the process of awarding a public sector contract works, written in straightforward terms on the Supplier Journey pages on the Scottish Government website.

The information provided therein, sets out what buyers expect you to do at each stage in that process. It gives practical information on how you can find out about business opportunities, how to bid for business, and what to expect when delivering the contract. It also tells you what support is available to help you win business, and what you can do if you are unsuccessful.

Terms and conditions of contract

Education Scotland will use the Scottish Government Standard Terms and Conditions for the majority of all purchases.

Framework agreements

Education Scotland works with the Scottish Government and its Agencies by utilising collaborative contracts and framework agreements. A full list of frameworks and contracts is on the Scottish Government Procurement webpage.

Suppliers' charter

Education Scotland has made a commitment with regards to how we treat our suppliers. Details of this commitment are on the Suppliers Charter page on the Scottish Government website.

Education Scotland spend over £25k

PDF file: Education Scotland Spend over £25k during 2020-21 (162 KB)

PDF file: Education Scotland Spend over £25k during 2019-20 (89 KB)

PDF file: Education Scotland Spend over £25k during 2018-19 (238 KB)

PDF file: Education Scotland Spend over £25k during 2017-18 (249 KB)

PDF file: Education Scotland Spend over £25k during 2016-17 (254 KB)

Electronic Procurement Card (EPC)

The Scottish Government and its agencies are required to publish details of all spend with a value of over £500 which are made with Electronic Procurement Cards.

PDF file: Purchases over £500 on the Electronic Procurement Card (EPC) 2020-21 (435 KB)

PDF file: Purchases over £500 on the Electronic Procurement Card (EPC) 2019-20 (48 KB)

PDF file: Purchases over £500 on the Electronic Procurement Card (EPC) 2018-19 (25 KB)

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