​About the National Improvement Hub

​What is the National Improvement Hub?

The Programme for Government sets out a commitment to develop a new National Improvement Hub starting with a focus on supporting the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

The purpose of the National Improvement Hub is to provide information and support which will enable practitioners to improve their practice quickly and increase the quality of learners’ experiences and outcomes. The National Improvement Hub will provide practitioners with access to: self-evaluation and improvement tools, knowledge/research, teaching and assessment resources, exemplars of practice and support for on-line collaboration and networks.

​Working with you to develop the National Improvement Hub

Our ambition is to ensure that the National Improvement Hub is developed to meet the needs of practitioners across all sectors of Scottish Education. We are committed to collaborating with you so that you are able to shape the Hub as it develops.

To support this collaboration from the earliest point in its development, we have released this ‘alpha’ site. The ‘alpha’ site is a model of some initial ideas and we will use it as a basis to facilitate engagement with practitioners. We will use your feedback about the 'alpha' site to  develop and refine both the future content and functionality of the Hub. This will help to ensure that the National Improvement Hub will be fit for purpose and is developed in a way which will support improvement. Once we have gathered the views of practitioners we will review the feedback and develop the site to meet the needs of our practitioner communities.

You are invited to give your feedback in the following ways:

  • You may be asked to complete a questionnaire about your experience of using this first release of the National Improvement Hub.
  • In Spring 2016, we will be holding workshops in various locations across Scotland to get your views about how the Hub should be developed. Sign up if you are interested in participating in one of these workshops.
  • Alternatively you can email us at: nih@educationscotland.gsi.gov.uk

​What is an ‘alpha' site?

The ‘alpha’ site is the first release of the National Improvement Hub. This is a simple, initial design which allows us to test our ideas with practitioners and is not intended to be a finished website. Some initial content has been provided. The site will be developed in response to practitioner feedback and future releases will be made available.

​Our principles

The design and development of the National Improvement Hub will be informed by 10 key principles. The principles are adapted from the Government Digital Service:

  1. The Hub will be designed around the needs of practitioners. This includes but is not limited to: early years practitioners, school and authority colleagues, college lecturers and tutors, colleagues delivering youth work, adult and community learning opportunities and other professional stakeholders.
  2. The Hub will deliver core information/services to support improvement.
  3. The Hub will be responsive to practitioners and users.
  4. The Hub will be developed collaboratively with practitioners, both initially and in the longer term on-going development of the hub once it has been established. This principle underpins the concept of launching a simple ‘alpha’ Hub which will be used to facilitate engagement with practitioners to refine and mature the hub offering.
  5. The Hub and its content will be simple to use and understand.
  6. The Hub and its content will be accessible.
  7. The Hub will be designed to take into account the context of users. We need to think about the context in which you are using the Hub – are you in a classroom, an office, a community facility, your home or on a phone? Your feedback will help us to understand this.
  8. The Hub will encourage and support practitioners with their adoption and use of digital improvement services.
  9. The language and design of the Hub will be consistent, not uniform.
  10. The Hub will make things open. We should share what we’re doing whenever we can. The more eyes there are on a service the better it gets - better alternatives are pointed out, the bar is raised.