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Help and support

Using the National Improvement Hub

​The purpose of the National Improvement Hub is to provide information and support which will enable practitioners to improve their practice quickly and increase the quality of learners' experiences and outcomes.

This is an 'alpha' version of the site and we are looking for your views on how you find the site and how it can be improved.

Use the National Improvement Hub to access materials and resources that are aimed at supporting improvement.

Searching for useful content

​On the homepage, we are using trending and popular content to draw attention to areas that users are visiting. If you cannot find what you need on the homepage, please use our search function. Our content has been tagged to enhance the search experience and you are able to use criteria to refine the search results.

How tagging works

​All of the content on the National Improvement Hub has been tagged against a list of key categories. This helps the search results and will allow you to display content based on the content category you want to look at. At the foot of each article on the Hub, you will see the content categories that the content has been tagged with. You can then select the tags and view all content under that tag.

As this site is an 'alpha', it only includes some of our content but we plan to add to it over the upcoming months. You will still find much of our content and corporate information on the Education Scotland website.

Feedback on this 'alpha' development

​We are keen to understand how useful you find the content. To help this process, each piece of content asks Did you find this useful? Yes/No. This will help us evaluate how useful our content is. We also have a feedback mechanism to allow you to be part of the process of developing and improving this 'alpha' site. Please share your feedback via our feedback page, where you can also request to be part of our stakeholder consultation process.