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What are creativity skills?

Last updated:
17 May 2017

What is this?

This infographic outlines the four creativity skills identified in the Creativity across Learning 3-18 Curriculum Impact Report.

It can be used to support improvement by encouraging learners’:

  • Curiosity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Imagination
  • Problem solving skills

Who is this for?

​This resource can be used by classroom practitioners or those working in a community setting. It is also appropriate for professional development with staff.


PDF file: What Are Creativity Skills? (771 KB)

PDF file: What Are Creativity Skills? - Gaelic version (180 KB)

PDF file: Creativity Across Learning 3 to 18 (1.5 MB)

ZIP file: What are creativity skills downloadable images (12 MB)


Creativity; Learning and assessment; Learner Support; Gaelic