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'Everything is creative' infographic maker

Last updated:
21 March 2017

What is this?

An online digital tool that allows you to quickly create your own high quality creativity and improvement infographics, memes and posters.

Who is this for?

All educators will find this a useful tool to articulate how their work relates to the development of creativity skills.

Leaders at all levels can use the 'Inwards, Outwards, Forwards' diagram to explore and document their evidence and thinking behind creative improvement.

How to use this resource to improve practice

Educators can:

  • Build creativity infographics that relate creativity skills directly to their own practice, learners, subjects and themes
  • Build simple memes, with a common design, to share quotes and key messages relating to creativity
  • Allow learners to create their own memes and infographics to relate creativity skills to their own learning and lives
  • Build bespoke 'Inwards, Outwards, Forwards' infographics that will inform individual, team and establishment improvement planning
  • Create images and PDFs for sharing via email, social media and presentations, as well as posters that can be printed as large as A3 and used in classrooms, staffrooms, and even for consultations with parents and partners.

The Inwards, Outwards and Forwards diagram is a key element of the Transforming Learning Approach, which aims to empower transformational change and leadership at all levels.


Everything is Creative tool

​Explore this resource

To see examples of what you can do with 'Everything is Creative', download some examples of finished infographics, memes and 'Inwards, Outwards, Forwards' posters. Alternatively, you can see what people have already created and shared on the Everything is Creative Pinterest Board.

PDF file: 'Creativity is' (151 KB)

PDF file: 'Inwards, Outwards, Forwards' (1.43 MB)

PDF file: 'Our school is creative' (151 KB)

PDF file: Storytelling (192 KB)

PDF file: Resilience (136 KB)


Learning and assessment; Creativity; School Improvement; Transformational Change