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Northmuir Primary School - Actively engaging children in shaping school improvement

Last updated:
9 June 2016

What is this?

​The video illustrates the strategies used to ensure that all learners understand the school improvement plan and are actively engaged in realising its targets. Children are encouraged to become ‘learning detectives’, evaluating, supporting and contributing to whole-school improvement. The video focuses on how this approach improved children’s experience of reading.

Who is this for?

​This video is for senior teachers who want to adopt approaches to involving the school community in improvement planning.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice

This video, along with reflective questions, invites you to consider the impact of your own approach to involve young people in planning learning. Watch the video and consider, individually or as a team, the following improvement questions:

  • What were the hoped-for benefits in involving learners in improvement planning?
  • How did the school ensure that the improvement plan was accessible to all learners?
  • What work needs to be done with classroom teachers to ensure that such an approach is successful?
  • How might this approach be adapted to support parent/carer involvement in school improvement?
  • In what other areas of school life could this model of participation be used?

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What was done? 

The film demonstrates how Northmuir Primary adopted a range of strategies to ensure that children understood,  and were involved in promoting and evaluating, the school improvement plan. In the example provided, there was a focus on improving reading in school through the establishment of 'reading tents' around school.

What brought about the change?

The headteacher at Northmuir Primary had been involved in supporting learner engagement with the school improvement planning process for a number of years and was aware of the benefits this could bring. This approach was taken at Northmuir in order to engage learners in reading.

What was the impact?

Involving children in the school improvement plan has significantly improved their reading. There is evidence for this in school statistics, as well as in practice. Children visibly enjoy reading more often and communicate this with enthusiasm to teachers.

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Word file: Actively engaging children in shaping school improvement at Northmuir Primary School


Practice exemplars; School Improvement; Primary; Literacy; English