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Gwiazda Kopernika – The Star of Copernicus

Last updated:
6 December 2016

What is this?

​This learning resource offers learners an L3 experience, where they can develop a basic understanding and knowledge of Polish language and culture through the medium of the film Gwiazda Kopernika - The Star of Copernicus, which follows the life of the famous Polish scientist. The language learning links to the film and the topics and themes from the story. Learners will build a basic knowledge of the Polish language at a depth that will fulfil the criteria for an L3 experience insert either at primary or secondary level. The resource will offer learners an introduction to Polish culture and will build on their prior knowledge of the solar system and heliocentricity. Through these experiences learners will be able to make comparisons between life in Scotland and Poland and could draw on the experiences of any native speakers in the classroom. The activities in this resource will allow learners to continue to develop their language skills and their curiosity and understanding of the world around them.

Who is this for?

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

The prior learning needed in order for learners to get the most out of this resource is detailed in the learning journey. In broad terms learners should be familiar with the solar system and the movement of the planets around the sun and should have an idea of the historical context in which Copernicus was working. In this resource learners will access some learning online through the Fun Kids live website which will prepare the way for some of the activities in the pack. The language consists of greetings, countries and nationalities, colours, and simple opinions on food and drink. There is also vocabulary related to the planets, astrology- signs of the zodiac- and basic scientific elements.

Initially the language may seem daunting to both teachers and learners, however the images along with the English subtitles should make the story accessible.

Gwiazda Kopernika’ (The Star of Copernicus) is a cartoon animation following the life of the famous Polish scientist. Watch the film on Glow (Glow log-in required).


Languages; Modern Languages; Learning and assessment

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