Last Updated: Friday, October 08, 2021

Practical activities guidelines

What is this?

This resource provides guidelines to support safe learning and teaching in curriculum areas which involve practical activities. The guidelines have been prepared by Education Scotland, working with teachers and other partners.

The updated CERG guidance takes effect from 9 August 2021.

This sets out that the approach to retaining mitigations is expected to remain in place for a period of up to 6 weeks, following which further advice will be provided.

While not an update to previous guidance, schools should note that, in line with the move to Level 0 and beyond, children and young people can now engage in all drama, music, PE and dance activity in schools, indoors and outdoors. Safety mitigations continue to apply in relevant settings where these activities are taking place (e.g. good ventilation, enhanced hygiene etc.).

The following practical guidelines will remain as a reference for 6 weeks.

Guidelines are available for the following curriculum areas and will be revised and updated as necessary. We recommend that you check this website frequently:

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Health and wellbeing

Physical education - Published 5 August 2021: PDF file: COVID-19 pandemic: physical education guidelines - version 14 (166 KB)

Home economics - Published 5 August 2021: PDF file: COVID-19 pandemic: home economics guidelines - version 6 (193 KB)

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Sciences and technologies

The Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) has prepared guidelines to support learning and teaching in the sciences and technologies, in early learning and childcare settings, in primary schools and in the secondary sciences and technologies. The guidelines will be updated as necessary through a FAQ section, and include health and safety advice on cleaning practical equipment.

Published 13 April: SSERC COVID-19 back to school guidance

Published 17 February: SSERC COVID-19 and practical work

Published 17 February: SSERC guidance for school technicians on returning to school after lockdown

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Expressive arts

Art and design, and photography - Published 12 April 2021: PDF file: COVID-19 pandemic: art and design and photography guidelines - version 3 (249 KB)

Dance - Published 17 May 2021: PDF file: COVID-19 pandemic: dance guidelines - version 9 (664 KB)

Drama - Published 8 October 2021: PDF file: COVID-19 pandemic: drama guidelines - version 5.1 (205 KB) - a minor adjustment has been made to these guidelines relating to practical and experiential learning.

Music - Published 17 May 2021: PDF file: COVID-19 pandemic: music guidelines - version 3 (193 KB)

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