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A summary of Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) resources

Last updated:
11 December 2017

What is this?

​This section provides a summary of key information, resources, exemplification and links shared via Education Scotland’s website so far.

Who is this for?

​The following DYW materials aim to support professional learning and development work.

How to use these learning and assessment resources to improve practice

The content of this section will allow teachers and practitioners to access key information, resources and policies in order to support professional development and the implementation of DYW objectives. It also provides inspiration and connections around interesting practice currently emerging across Scotland in this area.

This section aims to generate discussion around a number of reflective questions including:

  • Through the learning experiences and opportunities I create, how am I helping young people develop skills which prepare them for their future career pathways and the world of work?
    What could I do more of, less of, or differently?
  • How can partnership working with other practitioners, parents, employers and the wider community be developed further to better prepare young people for the world of work?
  • What opportunities are there for co-designing and implementing learning experiences about the world of work?

​Explore these resources

Since the implementation of Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy in response to the recommendations put forward by the Commission for Developing the Young Workforce in September 2014 Education Scotland has publish a number of key documents and related resources to support practitioners in realising the ambitions around DYW. Here is an overview which aims to help navigation and access:

Key documents:

Review and reports:

Learning Resources:

Other related materials:

Interesting Practice exemplars:

A series of interesting practice examples are being published on the National Improvement Hub. The following ones are currently available:

Early Years/Primary


Further Education

Local Authorities


Developing employability, creativity and skills

You also find this information as well as links to additional materials and partner organisations within the DYW Flyer from August 2017.

Other relevant documents

  1. Word file: Developing the Young Workforce Information Update - May 2017
  2. DYW Youth employment strategy: A strategic approach to implementing the recommendation of the Commission for Developing the Young Workforce.
  3. DYW Youth Employment Strategy - Overview and milestones: A brief overview and key milestones across all five changed themes until 2018.
  4. Video clip:
    What would you like to be? Children and Young people from across Scotland express their career aspirations, the skills they have and need to develop.
  5. ‘What could I be…? Newspaper supplements: This series of supplements has been designed to help young people think about their future career options in the areas of ‘Law and Society’, ‘Food and Drink’ and ‘Building and Shaping’ the our environment.
  6. Overarching DYW milestones: Seven Year Plan: Developing the Young Workforce in Scotland until 2021.
  7. National Parent Forum Scotland: Information flyers for parents on career education, pathways and skills.


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