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Skip Navigation Linksgael9-role-of-gaelic-one-plus-two Àite Foghlam Gàidhlig 3-18 ann an 'Ionnsachadh Cànain ann an Alba: Modh-obrach 1 + 2’ /The Role of Gaelic Education 3-18 in ‘Language learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach’

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Àite Foghlam Gàidhlig 3-18 ann an 'Ionnsachadh Cànain ann an Alba: Modh-obrach 1 + 2’ /The Role of Gaelic Education 3-18 in ‘Language learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach’

Last updated:
27 October 2017

What is this?

​This resource outlines recommendations which will assist schools with planning for Gaelic Education in a 1+2 approach.

Who is this for?

​These materials will be of particular interest to practitioners in Gaelic Learner Education, school leaders and education authorities.


Note: These documents may contain links to resources that have been moved during the recent development of our websites. We aim to update these links very soon.

PDF file: The role of Gaelic Education 3-18 in 'Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach' (234 KB)

PDF file: Foghlam Gàidhlig 3 - 18 ann an 'Ionnsachadh Cànain ann an Alba: Modh - obrach 1 + 2 (473 KB)

PDF file: Language learning in Scotland: A 1+2 approach - Further guidance on L3 within the 1+2 policy (146 KB)

PDF file: The Wee Big Book Project - Lochyside RC Primary School (196 KB)

​How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Education Scotland’s publication ‘Advice on Gaelic Education’ defines Gaelic Education as having three inter-related components. These are:

  • Gaelic Medium Education (GME)
  • Gaelic Learner Education (GLE) 
  • the promotion of Learning about Gaelic Language and Culture (LAGC) as part of Scotland’s identity.

All of those components of Gaelic Education have a pivotal role to play in 'Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach'. Many education authorities already offer Gaelic in one of its forms as part of the statutory planning for the National Gaelic Language Plan. As part of the 1+2 approach, education authorities should continue and extend planning for Gaelic as part of a 1+2 approach. In doing so, they will be contributing to an aim of the National Gaelic Language Plan to secure a sustainable future for the language.

Here are some reflective questions to consider when using this resource as part of planning for Gaelic with the 1+2 approach:

  • To what extent are you making effective use of  the recommendations outlined within this resource?
  • To what extent are learners receiving a progressive experience?
  • Does the planning for Gaelic allow for sustainability?
  • How effectively are learners and parents involved in planning and evaluating their learning experiences
    in Gaelic?

The following will be useful to use alongside this resource:

In this Glow TV, senior managers at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar detail their strategic planning for Gaelic, including a 1+2 Approach to Languages: Developing the vision for Gaelic Medium Education

1+2 languages: L3 audit tools for use in primary and secondary contexts

1+2 languages: progress from first to second level

Other key Education Scotland advice


PowerPoint file: Getting Gaelic in on the show - Gaelic 1+2 at Language Show Live, 2016 (1.84 MB)

PowerPoint file: 1+2 languages - Successes, challenges and next steps from inspection findings (1.64 MB)


Gaelic; Self-evaluation and improvement; Practice exemplars; Leadership