Last Updated: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Create a reading den - early years and primary

What is this?

This activity encourages your child to create a space in which to enjoy a book or story, and take some time to read.

Bu chòir do chlann agus do dhaoine òga bruidhinn rim pàrantan/luchd-cùraim mun ghnìomh seo, no ri cuideigin a bhios iad a’ fònadh no ris am bi iad a’ bruidhinn a’ cleachdadh coimpiutair. 

This #ScotlandLearns learning activity for Gaelic Medium Education has suggestions on how you may support your child’s learning through reading. 

For children in nursery and P1

  • Talk with your child about making a cosy reading den together. Where would be a good space? What would make it feel cosy?
  • Look for a quiet space – this could be under your stairs, in a hallway or in a corner of your child’s bedroom. Talk about and decide how to make a reading den.
  • A reading den may be made by putting a blanket or a sleeping bag (if you have one) over a table or a few chairs. You could turn a small coffee table upside down and fill it with some cushions.
  • Sometimes, putting a chair with a basket or box, containing a few books in a new place, catches a child’s attention. This could be a book that your child may have heard being read aloud on the Gaelic internet channel to support learning at home:
  • You can also attract a child’s attention to reading by leaving an online book open on the computer. This could be from Giglet’s online library, for example.
  • If you have space outside, you could make a reading den with a washing line and sheets.
  • You could put some cushions, lights or a torch inside the den. Maybe your child could choose a soft toy to stay in their reading den.
  • Your child might enjoy giving their reading den a name. Spend some time in the reading den, reading some favourite books together with your child. You might also encourage them to go to the den if they need some quiet time on their own.
  • For more ideas on making dens inside and outside PlayScotland have ideas and a home play pack for parents.

For children in P2/P3/P4

  • Think about creating a cosy, comfortable place to read a book or share a story. This would be your very own reading den! This can be somewhere in your house or in the garden, if you have one.
  • Think about how you can make your reading den cosy and You could use blankets, cushions or towels. How creative can you be? Are there things around the house you can use to decorate your reading den?
  • If you have created a dark space, do you have a torch or lamp you can use inside?
  • Decide on a name and make a sign for your reading den.
  • On making your reading den, take some time to sit and read a favourite book or comic. You could bring some of your favourite toys and books into the space.
  • Is there someone in your house you would like to invite into your den? It might even be your pet.  Perhaps you could read a book aloud and tell them a story.
  • Write the instructions for making your reading den. Remember to include everything that you used.
  • Is there anything that you were not able to use or find that would make your reading den even better?

For children in P5/6/7

  • Think about creating a cosy, comfortable place to read a book or share a story. This is your very own reading den! This can be somewhere in your house or in a garden if you have one.
  • What might make the space inviting? How creative can you be? What would you want to have in your reading den?
  • Create a reading space at home based on your ideas. You might use cushions, or pillows to make it comfortable.
  • Take time to read in your reading den. Can you think of anything that might make the space even better?
  • What if you could go anywhere in the world? Where would your ideal spot be to sit and read? Use your imagination! Would it be in a hammock, high up in a tree? Would it be in a submarine under the sea? Why is this a good place?
  • Write down your ideas for places that might be fun to go and read, or draw a picture of your ideal reading spot. Label your picture to explain the features that make it a great spot to read.