Last Updated: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Summer challenge – the entertainer – early years and primary

What is this?

In this activity, parents and children are encouraged to think of a few funny, age-appropriate jokes or stories and tell these to others.

For children in nursery and P1

Young children love nursery rhymes and silly songs. Changing words in songs and rhymes is good for children’s language development.

  • Why not try to change the words to the end of a song or rhyme your child enjoys to make them giggle?
  • Here are some ideas to get you started. How about…

Èisg bhig, èisg bhig,

nach tu tha math air sreap chraobhan.

Use your child’s name in a favourite song or rhyme. For example,

Halò a Chatrìona 

Halò a mhamaidh

Ciamar a tha sibh an-diugh?

  • Ask your child to make up their own entertaining song.

If you would like new ideas for songs and rhymes there are lots of ideas at

For children in P2/P3/P4

  • With your child, look for one or two age-appropriate jokes.
  • You could choose a well-known story or rhyme with a funny ending instead.
  • Help your child to say the story, joke or rhyme out loud. Remind them to speak in a clear voice and think about their ‘audience’.
  • Rehearse with your child all of their rhymes or stories.
  • Put on a show! Encourage your child to share their funny rhymes or stories to entertain family or friends. This could be done virtually, if you have access to digital technology.

For children in P5/6/7

  • Research a few age-appropriate jokes or funny stories. You may already know some jokes which would be suitable.
  • Choose a few appropriate stories or jokes to share with family or friends.
  • Rehearse these jokes and stories, thinking about your audience and how to keep them entertained.
  • Think carefully about how you use your voice, expression, eye contact and timing. Try to work up a polished performance!
  • Present the ‘act’ to others if possible. This could be done virtually if you have access to digital technology.
  • Additional challenge: Why not film this performance on your phone or tablet device and share with people you know well?