Last Updated: Tuesday, March 01, 2022

CIRCLE resource to support Inclusive Learning and Collaborative Working (Primary and Secondary)

What is this?

These resources aim to bring together and share good inclusive practice, focusing on approaches to improve the engagement and achievement of all learners including those who require additional support.

Who is this for?

This page aims to support all practitioners from primary and secondary sectors and additionally those with a lead responsibility for inclusive education.

The CIRCLE resources were developed through a collaboration between Queen Margaret University, NHS Lothian and City of Edinburgh Council.

The information in these resources represent the reflective practice of hundreds of teachers as well as feedback from learners and parents/carers. It also reflects relevant research and policy guidance.

Improvement Questions

  • To what extent does my classroom practice reflect the context of Scottish education, inclusion and equality?
  • How can my inclusive classroom practice support and secure improved achievement and attainment for children and young people who require additional support?
  • Do I know where to access information and free resources to support my inclusive classroom practice and do I evaluate their impact?

How to use this resource to improve practice?

Based on the reflections and ideas of education staff, this resource provides practical strategies to support the underlying skills that pupils require to enable them to participate in school. The CIRCLE Framework is a way of organising and supporting input using a staged system of support, beginning with setting up an inclusive classroom. Checklists and planning tools area included to support discussion, and can be used to document strategies used and record professional learning. It includes the CIRCLE Inclusive Classroom Scale and the CIRCLE Participation Scale developed with practitioners to support the measurement of progress.

Overall, the resource aims to empower education staff to support all pupils, to promote inclusive practice and to encourage effective collaboration between school staff, parents/carers, partner services and other agencies.

These resources strengthen a whole school approach to improving inclusive practice but can also be used by individual practitioners improving their classroom setting or their approach to supporting and individual learner.

For secondary practitioners there is an accompanying professional learning module which allows the CIRCLE resource to be explored in more depth.


PDF file: Ideas in practice - primary

PDF file: Ideas in practice - secondary

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