Last Updated: Thursday, March 17, 2022

Countdown to COP26

What is this?

An outline of the support and resources available to support ongoing engagement with the United Nations COP26 Climate Summit which took place in Glasgow in November 2021. These resources continue to be relevant to all those with an interest in climate education and Learning for Sustainability.

Who is this for?

Practitioners, authority staff and partner organisations interested in Learning for Sustainability, climate justice education and who are keen to use the COP26 Summit as an inspirational context for learning.

About the COP26 Summit

In November 2021, the United Nations COP26 Climate Summit took place in Glasgow, Scotland. This was one of the biggest events of its kind ever to be hosted in our country.

Ensuring that all learners receive their entitlement to Learning for Sustainability, including a strong focus on climate justice education, will enable us to build a lasting legacy from the COP26 Summit. The resources below remain relevant and can be used to help young people engage in the key themes relating to climate change and sustainability.


1. Visit Education Scotland’s Learning for Sustainability blog for the latest news and updates.

2. Check out our COP26 Wakelet for a list of curated resources and activities.

3. Connect with like-minded practitioners to share resources and network via our LfS practitioner Network (Glow login required) in MS Teams in Glow.

4. You can continue to access the LfS Massive Open Online Professional Learning Courses run by the University of Edinburgh, British Council and Learning for Sustainability Scotland until January 2022.


Check out our Countdown to COP26 poster to find out more about the learning resources being produced to support the key COP26 themes:

PDF file: Countdown to COP26 (4 MB)

Countdown to COP – Early years through Dugs Discovery DenEarly years COP links with Dug

ThinkLink card: Early Years Countdown to COP

Read to me (Bookcreator): Dug’s Adventures on the Isle of Arran



Countdown to COP - PrimaryPrimary COP links

ThingLink card: Primary Countdown to COP

Practical Guide for Primary - Countdown to COP



Countdown to COP slidesCountdown to COP - BGE

Presentation slides: Countdown to COP

Countdown to COP challenge – Nature

Countdown to COP challenge – Energy Transition

Countdown to COP challenge – Clean Transport

Countdown to COP challenge – Finance
Discover the environmental and social impact of denim, and then transform an old pair of jeans into something new and original.

Countdown to COP challenge – Adaptation and Resilience
Learn about the foods produced in your area and create an original, sustainable meal from local ingredients.


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Powerpoint presentation: Learning for Sustainability COP26 Overview (20.7 MB)

Powerpoint presentation: Learning for Sustainability COP26 Overview - Narrated version (47.4 MB)

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