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This video resource features Dylan Wiliam’s views on the need for creativity in all aspects of learning.

Who is this for?

This resource is relevant to all practitioners.

How to use this resource to improve practice

Watch this video of Dylan Wiliam talking about the benefits of using solution focused learning approaches, and then consider the reflective questions below:

  • How can you develop the use of a creative learning environment to allow children and young people to be more in control of their learning?
  • Are you confident in posing open-ended questions, which invite exploration from multiple perspectives and to which there is not a right or wrong answer?
  • How do you support learners to develop confidence in expressing their own points of view?
  • How do you help learners recognise, articulate and value the skills they are developing?

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Dylan Wiliam believes strongly in fostering creativity in learning and teaching. He was keen to share his thinking and ideas to encourage practitioners to open up learning more, enabling children and young people to become more solution focused when dealing with challenges.

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