Last Updated: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Embedding equality learning journey: LGBT positive relationships

What is this?

​In this resource, practitioners are given the opportunity to explore the use of language and sexual identity with learners at third and fourth level whilst supporting learners to reflect on how we develop positive, inclusive relationships.

Who is this for?

​Practitioners working with learners at third and fourth level.

How to use this the learning and assessment resource to improve practice

This resource allows practitioners from different disciplines to plan an inter-disciplinary experience for learners. It offers opportunities across literacy, social studies and health and wellbeing. Topics include:

  • How do we celebrate a diverse community?;
  • Pride- a place for all; not just LGBT people;
  • Global attitudes to LGBT communities.

Staff may wish to consider delivering these lessons in conjunction with reviewing how diversity is recognised within the school.


Word file: Embedding equality learning journey: LGBT positive relationships (1.5 MB)

​Explore this learning and assessment resource

The topics covered by the resource are:

  • “That’s gay”- what’s gay?;
  • Exploring our identity;
  • Pride in our positive relationships.

Improvement questions

  • How inclusive is the language of practitioners in our school?
  • Do young people of all genders and sexual orientations feel valued and respected within the school community?
  • How proactive is our school at challenging prejudice based on gender or sexual orientation?