Last Updated: Monday, December 12, 2022

Exploring climate change

What is this?

The purpose of this online resource is to provide practitioners and learners in secondary schools with high-quality information to support learning and teaching about climate change within Curriculum for Excellence.

Who is this for?

Practitioners and learners in secondary schools.

Climate change is a complex moral, scientific, social and technological issue that is likely to be one of the defining issues of the 21st century. It is essential that children and young people are given the opportunity to learn about this important issue and develop informed opinions and views as global citizens. In addition to being explicitly mentioned in many experiences and outcomes, climate change offers a stimulating, challenging and relevant context for learning across the curriculum.

How to use this resource

Climate change has proved to be a controversial and political issue and a proportion of the UK public remain sceptical about the scientific evidence used to support it – despite the fact that this evidence has received the backing of the vast majority of the global scientific community.

This resource has been designed to help teachers improve their practice in learning and teaching relating to climate change. It is vital that our young people are equipped with the skills to think critically and question how the media reports climate change. As global citizens, they need to be able to evaluate environmental, scientific and technological information in order to develop informed opinions about this issue.

Improvement questions

  • How can we make climate change relevant, meaningful and of interest to learners?
  • What steps will we need to take to deepen our own knowledge of climate change?
  • How can we use climate change to encourage learners to explore and establish values such as wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity?
  • How can we use climate change as a context to support a whole school approach to learning for sustainability?


PDF file: Exploring climate change: The basics (420KB)
PDF file: Exploring climate change: Evidence (322KB)
PDF file: Exploring climate change: Impacts (248KB)
PDF file: Exploring climate change: Predictions (23KB)
PDF file: Exploring climate change: The response (376KB)
PDF file: Exploring climate change: Controversy (322KB)
PDF file: Exploring climate change: Take action (389KB)