Last Updated: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

French N4/N5 listening practice

What is this?

​This resource has 10 recordings of French teenagers describing events in their everyday lives. Topics covered are typical of those in the N4/N5 syllabus.

Who is this for?

Teachers and learners of French at N4 and N5 levels

How to use this the learning and assessment resource to improve practice

The recordings are accompanied by transcripts in French so learners can check their understanding.

The recordings can be used as listening comprehension practice; teachers can create questions tailored to a particular focus, or allow learners to simply note as much as possible, piecing together the gist of the recording.

Transcripts can be used to check accuracy and as a separate teaching resource – as a cloze exercise, reading comprehension practice , or as a springboard to extended writing.

Explore this learning and assessment resource

Topics covered:
1. Eating out, shopping, discussing music.
2. School, subjects -  likes and dislikes and best friends.
3. Descriptions, including appearance, clothes, and favourite leisure activities.
4. Home area and the activities you can do there.
5. Favourite weekend activities.
6. A survey into how young people like to pass their time.
7. Daily routines, including school, hobbies and interests.
8. Leaving phone messages to book hotel rooms.
9. Descriptions of  what three young people do for a living, and what their jobs involve.
10. A description of the Saint Michel campsite, its facilities and what activities you can do there.


Word file: French listening practice transcripts

Zip file: French listening practice audios