Last Updated: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Learning in 2 + Languages

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What is this?

Learning in 2 + Languages aims to help practitioners working with bilingual learners by identifying good practice in supporting young people whose first language is not English to access the curriculum through English as an additional language (EAL).  This updated resource provides clear, practical advice for education practitioners on how best to support bilingual learners and reflecting Scotland’s cultural and linguistic diversity.

Who is this for?

The resource aims to support staff in educational establishments who work with bilingual children and young people learning EAL as well as a range of practitioners across the broader educational domain including child development officers, nursery nurses, and other practitioners such as CLD professionals working in English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).

This is a refresh to an existing document first published in 2005.  The majority of the changes are to Section 2 (policy).   The other changes are to the appendices (updating the annotated bibliography and the Useful websites section).

As the resource will be used predominantly on-line, the format is an interactive pdf.  It’s been designed to be easy to navigate between the various sections of the resource and easy to download each of the individual sections or as an entire document.

Education Scotland and SEALCC have updated Learning in 2 + Languages to be a resource relevant for the 21st century and one which provides clear, practical advice for  education practitioners on how best to support bilingual learners and to help ensure all our learners achieve their potential.

There are six main sections including: Introduction to bilingualism; the education of bilingual learners in the current Scottish context; Partnership with parents/carers; supporting the development of EAL in the classroom; assessing the progress of bilingual learners; and checklists for action.  There’s also an appendix section with useful websites and an annotated bibliography.

PDF file: Learning in 2 + Languages (3 MB)