Last Updated: Thursday, December 15, 2022

Children's Rights in Youth Work - What, Why and How?

What is this?

​This is a professional learning resource aims to raise knowledge and awareness of United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Who is this for?

The resource will support all community learning and development (CLD) practitioners working with young people in a youth work or formal education setting.  

This is a professional learning resource which aims to raise knowledge and awareness of United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It has been adapted to be delivered online in several formats: an introductory session, a full workshop and a Train the Trainer session. This resource is currently being adapted to be delivered online in line with Scottish Government guidance on Covid-19.

It could also be used to build the understanding of other CLD stakeholders for example CLD Partnerships; Community Planning Partnerships and elected members. The full workshop and 'train the trainer' session is delivered throughout the year by Education Scotland and YouthLink Scotland.

Note: This resource was previously called Recognising & Realising Children’s Rights: Youth Work.

How to use this resource to improve practice

Aims of professional learning:

  • raise practitioner awareness and understanding of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
  • link rights-based practice to the Scottish legislation and policy context
  • enable the support of rights-based practice across CLD and other organisations
  • ensure we fully take the UNCRC into account in all our actions

We recommend that people participate in a 'train the trainer' session before delivering the full three hour professional learning but the introductory session and further resources can be used flexibly to support local discussions and staff teams.

Reflective questions:

  • What do I know about UNCRC?
  • What role can youth work/CLD play in supporting young people to understand and use their rights?
  • Can I recognise when children's rights are being infringed?
  • How does my youth work/CLD practice recognise the rights of young people?
  • What difference has/will? this training made to my practice?
  • What difference will this training make to how my organisation plans and delivers youth work/CLD opportunities?
  • How will I share this training with my colleagues?

Video: Children’s Rights in a CLD context – introductory recording

Further information and contact details

To discuss the resources or bespoke training please get in touch with Susan Epsworth or Julie Beckett at Education Scotland.

Downloads and further reading

Powerpoint file: Part 1 - What are Children's Rights? (28.8 MB)

Powerpoint file: Part 2 - Why do rights matter? (4 MB)

Powerpoint file: Part 3 - How do we embed rights? (5 MB)

PDF file: Participation booklet (2 MB) - This booklet provides further reading on the UNCRC articles.

PDF file: Activity cards (534 KB) - Article cards to support activities.

PDF file: Activity worksheets (239 KB) - Worksheets to support activities.

PDF: UNCRC_summary-1_1.pdf ( Summary of UNCRC

Children's Rights - Wakelet