Last Updated: Thursday, January 07, 2021

Reflective questions to support self-evaluation in the area of gender equality

What is this?

​These two documents have been drawn up by Dr Nancy Lombard of Glasgow Caledonian University, an expert in the area of gender.

Who is this for?

​All practitioners.

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice

These reflective questions help a school community to reflect on the extent to which gender equality is promoted and discrimination tackled.


Word file: Reflections for the School Management (22 KB)

Word file: Reflections on Classroom Practice and Organisation (30 KB)

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How to use this approach to improve practice

These questions could be used to supplement the existing challenge questions in HGIOS? 4 QI 3.1 Ensuring wellbeing, equality and Inclusion. Staff could be asked to consider how equality is promoted identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement.