Last Updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) 2011 Professional Learning Resource - Numeracy

What is this?

​This resource provides guidance and advice to help inform learning and teaching practice in line with the main objectives of the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN). It includes information on children's and young people's strengths and areas for improvement, specifically within:

  • measurement
  • fractions
  • decimal fractions
  • percentages (including ratio and proportion, and ideas of chance and uncertainty).

Who is this for?

​Practitioners planning for effective learning and teaching within numeracy and mathematics.


PDF file: Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy 2011 Professional Learning Resource (3.4 MB)

Explore the resource

Planning for learning and teaching

The findings set out within this resource are based on an in-depth analysis of children and young people's responses to tasks in the SSLN survey.

For each area of numeracy covered, survey-type questions are provided for illustrative purposes. This analysis provides all practitioners with an opportunity to:

  • reflect on their practice in developing and promoting numeracy;
  • explore planning for effective learning and teaching;
  • consider how to enhance children and young people’s numeracy skills to support their learning across the curriculum;
  • plan how to develop practice to incorporate some new concepts and ideas;
  • share views on numeracy across learning

Activities to support learning and teaching

This professional learning resource is for all members of the learning community with responsibility for numeracy to work on together, in small groups or departments or as individuals. It offers a range of materials for in-service days and other professional development activities.

The resource lends itself to promoting professional reflection, dialogue and debate about numeracy and how to improve it. It offers a reference point for teachers to evaluate the quality of the delivery of the numeracy aspect of the mathematics curriculum and numeracy across learning as experienced by learners across stages and at transition points.

Also see the resources available to download below:

  • a presentation that can be used to support professional learning activities focusing on planning for effective learning and teaching;
  • the SSLN Numeracy Support Pack, created as part of the Improving numeracy engagement events in February and March 2013. It includes workshop activities, supporting documents and exemplar questions.


PowerPoint file: Numeracy - Professional Learning Resource presentation (2.2 MB)

PDF file: Activities 1 - Learners’ Understanding and Skills (194 KB)

PDF file: Activity 2 - Progression of Numeracy Skills (540 KB)

PDF file: Activity 3 – Embedding Problem Solving in Learning (293 KB)

PDF file: Activity 4 - Next Steps - Planning for Improvement (736 KB)

PDF file: Exemplar questions (1.3 MB)

PDF file: Aspects of Effective Teaching and Learning to Improve Skills diagram (249 KB)

PDF file: Improving Learners’ Numeracy Skills diagram (258 KB)

PDF file: Performance overviews (239 KB)

About the author(s)

This resource was created within Education Scotland’s Numeracy team in conjunction with Scottish Government.