Last Updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

SSLN - Numeracy - Pupil performance in estimating and rounding

What is this?

​This resource aims to share with practitioners, children’s and young people’s performance in ‘Estimating and rounding’.  It has been designed to support improvement by promoting professional reflection, dialogue and debate about numeracy.

Who is this for?

​Practitioners and members of the learning community who can work together in small groups or departments or as individuals.


 PDF file: Pupil Performance in Estimating and Rounding (1.4 MB)

Explore the resource

Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy (SSLN) allows exploration of children's and young people’s performance across the numeracy organisers. It provides practitioners with more detail on children’s and young people’s strengths and areas for improvement in numeracy identified within the in-depth analysis of the SSLN numeracy survey data.

The resource aims to use these findings to allow practitioners to:

  • reflect on their own practice in developing and promoting numeracy,
  • consider how to enhance children’s and young people’s numeracy skills, to support their learning across the curriculum,
  • plan how to develop their practice to incorporate some new concepts and ideas, and
  • share views on numeracy across learning.

The analysis of children’s and young people’s performance within this numeracy organiser provides an opportunity to reflect on and explore planning for effective learning, teaching and assessment.

Analysis of the responses to the estimating and rounding questions in the 2011 SSLN identified areas of concern:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of key concepts within other experiences and outcomes in numeracy and mathematics
  2. Application of knowledge and understanding from across the numeracy organisers.

Activities to support learning and teaching

For each area and level covered, survey-type questions are provided for illustrative purposes.