Last Updated: Thursday, September 16, 2021

Supporting transgender young people - Guidance for schools in Scotland

What is this?

This guidance helps schools better support transgender children and young people.

It contains real-life examples, best practice and advice on a wide range of issues that are known to affect transgender pupils including bullying, safety and privacy.

It also recognises the importance of privacy and safe spaces for girls and boys within schools.

This guidance addresses the most common concerns from schools and teachers when supporting transgender young people as well as offering proactive advice and guidance on how to ensure schools are inclusive environments for all learners.

The guidance is non-statutory and is designed to help education authorities, and grant-aided and independent schools make decisions effectively. It cannot be prescriptive about what is required in individual circumstances.

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How to use this Learning and assessment resource to improve practice

This resource can be used to support schools to develop an inclusive environment. It explores the ways that potential barriers to inclusion can be overcome. A whole school approach is outlined as well as practical support for individual children and young people.

Improvement questions

  • How well do we ensure that all children feel safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included?