Last Updated: Friday, April 17, 2020

Talking and listening across the four learning contexts

What is this?

A presentation delivered to the St Flannan's primary cluster, East Dunbartonshire by Education Scotland. This resource includes:

  • An update on progress with the Scottish Attainment Challenge
  • Ofsted research findings on Effective interventions for Families and Communities
  • Using the four contexts to develop listening and talking.

It emphasises the need for

  1. A clear plan in place for raising attainment in listening and talking.
  2. Knowing the gap at school level: and what is the difference in the progress and achievement between the most and least socially disadvantaged children? (HGIOS4 3.2)

Who is this for?

This resource would be useful for practitioners in the early learning and childcare and primary sectors.

How to use this Learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

This learning and assessment resource could be used to support improvement in:

  • Raising awareness of the poverty related attainment gap for children
  • Relating research to planning effective interventions for Families and Communities
  • Comparing research out-with Scotland to Growing Up in Scotland Findings
  • Planning effective contexts for children developing effective listening and talking skills

It may be useful to consider for discussion the following reflective questions:

  • How well do we take action to remove barriers to learning and participation in listening and talking activities?
  • To what extent do we encourage all staff to reflect on and share their practice in listening and talking across the four contexts?
  • To what extent do we critically engage in research in this area and measure the impact in developing positive learning and teaching?


PDF file: Presentation - Listening and talking in the four contexts (466 KB)

PDF file: Literacy - linking Es and Os - Early to Second Level (220 KB)

Word file: Evaluation questionnaire (90 KB)

Explore this Learning and assessment resource

The presentation includes links to relevant research in the area of listening and talking and also includes a template to promote professional dialogue on the listening and talking experiences and outcomes across the four contexts.

The four contexts for learning in 'Building the Curriculum 3' are:

  • Life and ethos of the school as a community
  • Curriculum areas and subjects
  • Interdisciplinary learning
  • Opportunities for personal achievement.

The Learning in Context workshop materials were used to link the challenges and class context to the experiences and outcomes for early, first and second level talking and listening.

Using higher order skills as a focus, participants were asked to link transferable skills to the learning context.

The Evaluation form explores 5 aims of the session with a slider scale from 1-5 for participants to evaluate knowledge and understanding prior to, and post event.